Canton of Borderwinds


Welcome to the Canton of Borderwinds webpage. We are a small but humble Canton located in the City of Santa Maria, County of Santa Barbara.

The Canton of Borderwinds was founded in 1984 by Lady Karen of the Emerald Sea ( Karen Walker), Lord Rueben ben Yosef ( James Baron), and Jena Whitehart ( Zaena Harding). Lady Karen was our first Seneschal. Baroness Carolyn of Lindley and Baron Achmere in Tamim headed the Barony. The Canton's first event was the Tournament of Love and Beauty, later called the Protectorate, and won by Mistress Hillary of Serendip, Lady of Love and Beauty in her own right. Two months later, His Majesty, Rolf the Relentless and his Queen Lachlinn, attended the Barony of Tarnmist's Harvest Tournament, and approved the creation of the Canton. Rolf the Relentless and Lachlinn are considered the Patron Saints of Borderwinds. Since then, there have been many changes, but the Canton has always had a Lady of Love and Beauty ( or whatever she chooses to call herself). In the early 1990s, it was decided to rename the Tournament of Love and Beauty " The Protectorate Tournament", creating a purpose for the fighter whose consort became the Lady of Love and Beauty. There has been one Lord of Grace and Honor. The Protector, by proclamation by Baron Achmere, is considered the Lieutenant of the Baronial troops. The Canton has had various events in the ensuing years, from feasts to tournaments, and usually well attended.