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Allyshia Pas d'Armes CANCELLED

Friday September 15th, 2017 to Sunday September 17th, 2017

It is will heavy hearts that We, Baron Ulfar and Baroness Megan, announce that We have cancelled the upcoming Allyshian Pas d'Armes, September 15-17, in the Shire of Wuduholt be Secg.

As Our lands and those of Our neighbors struggle with the ravages of blazing wildfires, smoke has blanketed the Northern Marches. Although We are enjoying a brief respite from the smoke this week, after consulting with NCUAQMD (the North Coast Unified Air Quality Management District) We have been informed that due to the predicted return of prevailing winds next week blowing smoke south from the Chetco Bar Fire, at the time of the Pas d'Armes air quality on site is expected to range from "Very Unhealthy" to "Hazardous." Under those conditions We feel We would be remiss in Our commitment to the Populace to allow the scheduled event to continue.

Our Populace is Our inspiration, and though we hate to deprive You of Revelry, We cannot in good conscious ask You to sacrifice Your good health to attend Our Event. Please accept Our apologies for the disruption of Your plans.

To Our Friends and Neighbors more heavily impacted by the wildfires than We are: You have Our greatest sympathies and best wishes for Your safety and that of Your homes and loved ones. If there is something Allyshia can do to aid you in your time of need, please let Us know.

Yours in Service,
Ulfar and Megan,
Palatine Baron and Baroness of Allyshia