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Tarnmist Virtual Court

Saturday August 29th, 2020

Beloved Westerners, we bid you join the Baron and Baroness and the Populace of Tarnmist for court on Saturday, August 29th, 1:00 PM PDT as we celebrate Tarnimst Protectorate Summer Court. We will be honored by the presence of Royals from across the kingdom as we celebrate our togetherness and our society, while we continue to stay apart to stay safe.

Our Barony is robust and thriving, and known far and wide for its friendly gatherings and warm hospitality. So join us on Aug 29th to share a cup of fellowship, without even having to make the journey!

We look forward to being together,
Shimon and Mira
Baron and Baroness

We have created a Facebook event page and published it on or barony Facebook page.

Start Time: 
Satrday 1 PM