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West Kingdom Equestrian Championship

Sunday September 18th, 2022
Ione, California

Welcome to West Kingdom Equestrian Championship AS 57.  We have a different site this year as the archers will not be with us.  ED Hughes Arena is very large and is covered.  The event is a one-day event but there is the option to haul your horse(s) onto the site the evening before.  Please do not plan to arrive before 5pm so as to give the event steward time to arrive on site.

Box stalls are $45. Outside pens are $27. Owner set up pens are $18. Sleeping onsite over night is $18 for a dry camp.
If you are not bringing horses to overnight, please do not plan to camp, thank you.
All fees are payable to the City of Ione. Forms must be signed, and monies given to the Event Steward, when you arrive onsite.  Checks are preferred.

As of the writing of this copy, rentals horses have not been confirmed. Please contact the Event Steward or look for announcements in the West Kingdom Facebook group. If you will need to be authorized to ride for this event, and there are no formal practices near you, please let the Event Steward know BEFORE the event so time to do a Games authorization can occur Sunday am.

Championship will have two parts. Part One is a challenge course consisting of Heads, Reed Chop and Rings. The course may be attempted at any gait or combination of gaits. Points are earned for removing Heads and Reeds and for spearing the Rings (rings will be the standard one inch to six inches in diameter). Ring lances must be 7 feet long and loaners are available, as are swords for the Heads and Reed chop. The winner will be determined by dividing your point score by the amount of time it takes to complete. (Example: 50 pts divided by 30 seconds = 1.7. 100 pts divided by 120 seconds = .83).  IKEqC point values will be used. There will be a prize for the winner..

Part Two will consist of a Ride Before the Prince Element where elegance of horse and rider will be considered.  The pattern is a serpentine from Pierre de la Noue, 1620 (out of period but an easier pattern than the in-period serpentine}. It looks like an inverted cone. The Gallery will be looking for consistency of pace, quiet cues, elegance of seat and even loops on the turns. Again, any gait may be used. Extra weight will be given to the rider who canters the whole pattern but ONLY if the other parts are accomplished. A copy of the pattern will be given to everyone in the morning.The Gallery will determine the winner of this part and there will be a prize for it.

***The Champion will be determined by using a ranked order system combining both elements.

Ed Hughes Arena,  600 South Church Street, Ione, Ca 95640

Event Steward: Siobhan ni Seaghdha, OP (Dianne Karp) — E-mail: — Phone: 775.742.1457

Site Information: 
Start Time: 
8 AM to 5 PM
Site Fee: 
Adult Non-Member Registration $25; Adult Member Registration $20; Children Under 18 Free.

From the North, take your best route to Ione, CA. From W Main Street, turn right onto 124S/S Church St, and turn left into the arena.
From the South, take 99 to 88E in Stockton, turn left on 124N, and turn right into the arena.