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Borderwinds Events

Borderwinds Protectorate Tournament sponsored by the Barony of Tarnmist


Good gentles! It is time, once again , for the Borderwinds' (in the Barony of Tarnmist) Annual Protectorate Tournament on Saturday, July 28, 2019.

This year's Protectorate Tournament is open to ALL FIGHTERS, with a Prize Tournament running concurrently as usual. There are only these rules:

1. All fighters, in the interest of honor, chivalry and fairness, must have a non-fighting consort ; the main reason of this event is to determine the Canton's next Lady of Love and Beauty/ Lord of Grace and Honor.

Said consort will have a Court of Love given in Their honor, usually in February or March.
2. Winners must attend all Barony and Canton events if possible.
3. Traditionally, the Protector is the Lieutenant of the Baronial Armed Forces, I.e. be willing to fight alongside the Baron and the Baronial troops whenever Their Majesties call us to arms.

This year, our event will take place in the small but fierce town of Nipomo, CA, (Nipomo Regional Park, 255 Pomeroy Road) in the southern reaches of Tarnmist.

Event opens at 9AM and ends at sundown, with the Tournament starting around 12 noon.
More information to come on Tournament style, Prize Tournament, and contests.

Site fee is $5.00 for members, $10.00 for non- members. Children under 16 free.

There will be our usual potluck afterwards, and all are welcomed to participate (by legal last name) with dishes to serve at least 6,

A-H : appetizers/ salads
I-R: main dishes/entrees
S-Z: desserts/goodies

If you've a mind to bring your own meat, there will be a BBQ pit ready to cook it. Charcoal will be provided.

Directions: take your best route to Nipomo, CA, Teft Street exit. Turn West.

Travel through to the third set of traffic lightsto Pomeroy Road but DO NOT TURN at the light. Continue on Teft until just past the library,

immediately on your right (about 100 ft.) . Entrance to the park is between the library and Dana Middle School.

Keep checking back for more information! For any questions, please PM the

Event Steward:
Baroness Jena Whitehart, O.P. ,
or Borderwinds' Seneschal:
Lady Leah of Consantinople